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05-12-2011, 02:39 PM
The People vs. Goldman Sachs
A Senate committee has laid out the evidence. Now the Justice Department should bring criminal charges
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By Matt Taibbi
May 11, 2011 9:30 AM ET

They weren't murderers or anything; they had merely stolen more money than most people can rationally conceive of, from their own customers, in a few blinks of an eye. But then they went one step further. They came to Washington, took an oath before Congress, and lied about it.

Thanks to an extraordinary investigative effort by a Senate subcommittee that unilaterally decided to take up the burden the criminal justice system has repeatedly refused to shoulder, we now know exactly what Goldman Sachs executives like Lloyd Blankfein and Daniel Sparks lied about. We know exactly how they and other top Goldman executives, including David Viniar and Thomas Montag, defrauded their clients. America has been waiting for a case to bring against Wall Street. Here it is, and the evidence has been gift-wrapped and left at the doorstep of federal prosecutors, evidence that doesn't leave much doubt: Goldman Sachs should stand trial.
This article appears in the May 26, 2011 issue of Rolling Stone. The issue is available now on newsstands and will appear in the online archive May 13.

The great and powerful Oz of Wall Street was not the only target of Wall Street and the Financial Crisis: ...— "a million fraud cases a year" is how one former regulator puts it. But the mountain of evidence collected against Goldman by Levin's small, 15-desk office of investigators — details of gross, baldfaced fraud delivered up in such quantities as to almost serve as a kind of sarcastic challenge to the curiously impassive Justice Department — stands as the most important symbol of Wall Street's aristocratic impunity and prosecutorial immunity produced since the crash of 2008.
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Goldman Sachs Downgraded Beccause of Matt Taibbi Article

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His new article on Goldman has caused the firm to get a downgrade.

It's from Rochdale's Dick Bove, who writes:

The rating on Goldman Sachs stock is being lowered to Sell from Neutral. The price target is being cut to $120 per share from $163 per share. It now appears that the pressure on the Justice Department to bring a criminal lawsuit against Goldman is building to a high pitch. The new Matt Taibbi article in Rolling Stone Magazine is another all-out attack on the company. However, this time the attack is backed by a 650 page Senate report signed by both a Democrat and a Republican.


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It will be interesting to see if Eric Holder has any balls or is just another bought tool.

My guess is GS gets a small fine as a slap on the wrist (if anything). If there is any true justice left, many from Goldman-Sucks would spend the rest of their sorry a$$ed lives in prison. Not in a country club federal pen, but in general population at ButtFcuk DOC.