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03-14-2011, 04:50 AM

I have only recently in the last year realised that I should be preserving my wealth and saving money instead of spending it on gadgets, holidays and booze as its pretty clear the world is a mess right now.

I am at present very heavy in silver, looking to do a trade for gold when the GSR falls a bit further.

In the meantime whilst continuing to buy fractional physical gold each month I also have a further $1000 a month to put elsewhere.

I am thinking that as I have never owned shares then I would look for diversity by buying some junior mining stocks and agricultural commodities as I think these are going to do well over the next 10 years.

Any advice on good value stocks will be appreciated.

I am currently looking at Arian, Hecla, Central Rand Gold, but thats as far as I have got in my research

03-14-2011, 09:19 AM
Do a LOT of research. Junior Mining Stocks are not for newbies. The sector trades on rumors and lies as much as anything else.

If PM is your only investments, I would look at some real companies that produce real products. it all depends on your investment theme. End of the world is different than collapse of the dollar is different than collapse of fiat currencies is different than USA hyperinflation is different than "my friend says only buy silver and gold".