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Will Wong
10-27-2010, 10:41 AM
Received this email, a teaser for an investment letter. Test your sleuthing skills and find out which miners is the author talking about.

Dear Investor,

Sean Brodrick,
Natural Resource Analyst
I recently issued an urgent new report on gold and silver. And in it, I made ten crucial recommendations for big gains as precious metals prices continue to break record high after record high.
How have my picks performed since then?
Silver & Gold Report Performance
Pick #15.79%
Pick #25.04%
Pick #3-0.65%
Pick #44.76%
Pick #50.65%
Pick #611.22%
Pick #79.05%
Pick #89.67%
Pick #94.84%
Pick #102.65%
Total average5.68%

Performance from 10/11/2010 through 10/14/2010: Past performance is not indicative of future results, and gains do not take into consideration fees, commissions, nor the slight varying prices subscribers may have received.
As you can see, practically every position was currently showing an open gain, with individual returns already as high as 11.22% ... in just the first week.
Put another way, that means the recommendations should have already paid for the cost of the entire report more than FIVE times over!
But make no mistake: Every single one of my favorite stocks is still a solid buy right now. In fact, I fully believe many of these picks could double from here.
However, there’s no telling how long this window of opportunity is going to stay open.
That’s why I’m sending you this e-mail today. To give you one last chance to get my urgent report right now ... while the profit potential is still huge.
I’ll tell you how to secure your copy in one minute.
First, though, here’s a rundown of each of my new recommendations and why I think the gains are going to keep coming ...
Pick #1:
An Australian Small-Cap Gold Miner with World-Class Potential
This miner has been busy Down Under, developing a world-class gold deposit. Its earnings more than doubled in the most recent quarter as revenues jumped over 50%. Gold production is surging and costs are dropping. And it keeps finding higher-grade mineralized zones beyond where it is already digging!
This company’s known gold reserves are selling for 50 cents on the dollar, and I think those reserves are going to grow and grow.

Pick #2:
African Gold for 13 Cents on the Dollar!
This miner has multiple gold projects in Africa and just made a new precious find. Going forward, its production is expected to increase rapidly, and earnings estimates are already blasting off.
Your cost to buy into its gold resource: About 13 cents on the dollar.

Pick #3:
Developing a HUGE Gold Resource in South America!
This small company is developing a giant copper/gold/silver deposit in Chile. It is in a belt of rich properties that have already been developed by bigger miners, making it a perfect candidate for a takeover. All told, it has more than 30 million gold equivalent ounces — and you can buy them for 11 cents on the dollar.

Pick #4:
Dishing Up Bonanza-Grade Results
This small explorer is finding rich, rich deposits of silver and gold in a remote area far off the radar of Wall Street, even as it pushes forward on developing its project full steam ahead. When its next drill results come in, you’ll want to be onboard. And you can buy a stake at the effective cost of just pennies on the dollar.

Pick #5:
The Greatest Silver Story Never Told
I had to pinch myself to believe this one when I found it. This miner is hidden away in Peru, where it is developing hefty deposits of silver, lead and zinc. The company recently made a new gold-silver discovery and has put that in the development pipeline as well. It’s sitting on more than 250 million ounces of silver and has gold as well.

Pick #6:
Ramping Up Production at a Furious Pace
This rapidly growing miner has two high-grade silver/gold mines in Mexico. It has increased its silver output SEVEN-FOLD in the first four years of production, driving costs lower. And it is adding to its resource base at a furious pace. Now, you can buy its resource base for 15 cents on the dollar.

Pick #7:
A Pipeline of Projects Around the World
This stealth miner of silver, gold and base metals has projects in the pipeline in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico and Peru, yet its flagship mine just went into full production this year. Its production and profit potential are only going to grow and grow ... and you can buy it now dirt-cheap!

Pick #8:
A Market Dog That’s Ready to Run with the Wolves
This miner had problems for years, but it’s finally dug itself out of a hole. Silver production is ramping up, costs are falling, and it has a new gold mine as well. This stock has tons of gold and silver that you can pick up for pennies on the dollar. Do it now!

Pick #9:
Soaring Production and Profits in China
My final silver pick is a miner that is building an extraordinary portfolio of working mines in China. Production, revenues and earnings are all up, up and away. And yet you can buy this miner’s resource base for 27 cents on the dollar!

Pick #10:
The ‘Secret’ Precious Metal That Wall Street Is Ignoring
Wall Street is finally waking up from its slumber and noticing gold and silver ... and sending the prices of those metals soaring. And yet, there is another metal that is in very tight supply, yet Wall Street is ignoring the brewing crisis in its supply line. When this supply squeeze finally grabs headlines, this metal could BLAST right off the launch pad!
This “secret” precious metal could outperform silver AND gold going forward — and I’ll tell you the best way to buy it both in hand and in the stock market.
You’ll get the details on all ten of the stocks I just mentioned in your new gold and silver report. But I urge you to act today ... while the upside is still the greatest! Better yet, you can take advantage of this ...

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Plus, I’m planning on sending out regular follow-ups on each and every one of the picks — three follow-up reports in all.
But many of these stocks are so small ... so packed with potential ... and sometimes so thinly traded, that I must limit the distribution of my report to a small group of elite investors who have an appetite for big profits.
That's one reason why the retail price on this report is $295.
Of course, I think that price is more than fair, especially given the open gains my recommended stocks are ALREADY handing readers!
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All indicators are telling me that these new gold and silver recommendations are going to shine even brighter in the weeks ahead. So I sincerely hope you get in on the fun while there’s still time.
Best wishes,
P.S. It’s completely up to you.
But my recommendations are already blasting off, with massive upside potential still ahead.
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