View Full Version : March 2009, Marc Faber adviced to buy 3 exploration companies.

Mats Wheellander
10-23-2010, 05:07 AM
The exploration companies have no cash flow. What you need to look for are companies with some backers that have money to essentially develop the exploration results that they may achieve or may not achieve.

The ones that are partly owned by the majors, I would say Novagold, Gabriel Resources, Ivanhoe. These are companies that have essentially some backers where their exploration results, which are favorable, will be one day developed.


Novagold up 300% since then, Ivanhoe up 500%...

Gabriel only up 120%.

I'm thinking it is cheap and will join it's peers soon in the climb higher.

It should also be noted John Paulson is a big shareholder in Gabriel.


I'm thinking of buying Gabriel....:)

Faber knows what he talks about.