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09-14-2010, 08:18 PM
Anyone own this? I picked it up a while back at 80 cents after Cyclist recommended it. My DD at the time had it undervalued on the basis that they were primarily operating in E. Bolvia, but now they're moving into spain. Anyways, talk about a train that left the station HARD from July of this year to now.

I was going to take some profit the other day, but I thought I'd hold on a bit longer and today it's up another 13%! Haha, now I don't know what to do!!! I think it's just a buy-and-hold for me from here on out with all my gold stocks. This stock proves you just never know when they're going to go!

(Not trying to pump, i've certainly got my set of duds to go along with this gem)


09-19-2010, 11:29 PM
Hi CG.

Nice to see you doing well with your pick.
IMHO you should keep your mining stocks and add when you can.
Create for yourself a little mutual fund. The Gold cycle still has a lot of room to move. Actually now is the time to start buying. In the next two years you will make much much more off of gold stocks than the previous 9. I think we are still in the late stages of the accumulation stage - way past the stealth phase but at least a year or two away from the mania. (maybe more, if Gov. steams the tide of spending)

From your previous posts I know you are a thoughtful and smart person. As such, you will make a fortune now and set yourself up very nicely because gold stocks are still very cheap. Provided you don't sell too early. You will make a lot even with small capital and some patience! ORV could go up 5000% in two years if the mania phase hits. Let your profits run here.

I would be interested in some of your thought for other picks. I know your thinking of AMS, and yamana is a good one as well. One of my favorites GBG has not done too badly either. We have a long way to go. Don't lets these profit entice you to sell. This is only the beginning. Of course I am assuming you have these stocks paid for, not on margin. If on margin then look to hold free and clear with your profits. Rinse and repeat for as long as possible. It is easier to hold with a clear head when things are paid for.

Consider also this trade. Short the long bond when it looks like the world does not consider USD a safety play and when the cycle finishes buy the bond and hold for interest and capital appreciation. The future bond may not be in current USD form but whatever the currency will be, it will have to have an interest rate that will get people to own it...so it will be high. (too high and we are in for some real doo doo, like Wiemar Republic - not something to look forward to.) There is about a 90 year cycle with 60 and 30 intervals. We are getting close to that 30 year coming up! We have had central banks fail before in US history so it is not out of the question that could happen....equities and physical will help keep you profit in tact. So it is good to take bond short profits out and place them in physical until you know which way the wind will blow.

I am going to allocate another bundle of cash to these type of plays. 30% more Physical (20% silver 10% gold - I have a good core now)...bought tonight from Tulving.
30% gold stocks only will margin if I feel like it.
10% TBT when I feel it is time to phase in.
30% long futures contracts in silver and gold to roll over with adequate cushion for margin call probably 33% to 66% leverage. Silver will out preform gold in the mania phase - so that is the tell.

When you see copper and gold going up with silver leading in relative strength that is a tell that inflation (monetary and price) is coming to a store and bank near you! We will see if this move holds - if it does, now is the time to buy and hold on to your stocks. If not then one has some time to establish a position before a hockey stick chart forms.

Don't let these gains tempt you to sell. If you really think you have to sell at least leave the profits in stock.

All the best to you CG, :)

02-08-2013, 09:06 AM
Orvana Reports Results for the First Quarter of Fiscal 2013 With Adjusted Net Income of $0.03/Share...


...and all that Copper and Silver doesn't hurt the bottom line either

02-08-2013, 01:37 PM
Orvana is very solid company. You bought at decent price. The only possible negative is maybe limited upside on gold output otherwise all positive.

I took some profits on one stock that went up quite a bit and redeployed to other stocks where there is more upside potential.