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08-31-2010, 12:23 AM
Silver Producers Enter Profitable Phase

By: Sean Rakhimov

-- Posted 30 August, 2010 | Share this article| Discuss This Article - Comments: 0 Source: SilverSeek.com

The latest quarterly (Q2, ended June 30, 2010) results from a number of silver producers confirm that they are now entering a phase of sustainable profits. We will look at several companies and try to make sense of the numbers as well as make an EPS projection for the calendar year 2010. This particular selection of companies was not meant to be a comprehensive overview of the entire group....

To Sum It Up

You probably figured from this discussion that we're bullish on silver price in the longer term, but we're even more bullish on silver stocks in the intermediate term. That is to say, we're not sure when the next move up in silver will come about, but we're on record forecasting that during the next leg up silver should register a high somewhere between $30 and $50. Sure, it's laughable. They also laughed when we called silver to get above $10 an ounce. The beauty of this...