View Full Version : Trojan Virus Threat when posting on Kitco Forum?

10-07-2021, 11:35 AM
Since earlier this week, I have been having a difficult time posting on kito.

Every time I try to post on Kitco my "Avast" Antivirus comes up with "Threat Secured" and tells me : "We've safely aborted connection on gold-forum.kitco.com because it was infected with PHP: Decode-DP [Trj] In the detail, it explains the threat type is "Trojan - This threat pretends to be something else", the URL is https://gold-forum.kitco.com/ajax.php

Sometimes, such as now, I can close that warning window and still post, however it is making it very inconvenient to do so, and I can't post any images (such as the screen shot I took of this "Threat Secured')

Please let me know if this problem be taken care of, is it an internal problem with Kitco software, a prolbem with Avast, something else? I am using Google Chrome at the moment, however I think it also happens with other web browsers. If this is just an Avast problem, Avast is a very popular free anti-virus program, so it may also be affecting other Kitco customers, reducing traffic here, I hope you can look into this prolbem as soon as possible.

Anyone else having this problem? It is the first time I've had it, and have used Avast for years, and have posted here for year, same computer I've used for years with no recent changes to it, very strange, hope to hear of a solution soon so I can return to normal postings and business with Kitco.


10-07-2021, 11:57 AM
motocat, your description mirrors the events I had posted in this thread a while back "https://gold-forum.kitco.com/showthread.php?154021-Trojan-on-the-Store-www-site"
That said there is some weirdness occuring on the kitco forum site the user friendly buttons are mostly non functional. I have found that if you type out the bb code longhand
without using the icon/buttons functionality still remains. Right there in my quotation marks is the link that normally I would use the link earth/chain link icon to present
the link to the forum members. I clicked it to use it to insert the quoted string above, and it just did not function.

10-07-2021, 01:53 PM
I just clicked you link and got this message.

The file C:\Users\redraspberry\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\ Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Cache\f_000569=>(INFECTED_JS) is infected with JS:Trojan.Cryxos.3702 and was moved to quarantine. It is recommended that you run a System Scan to make sure your system is clean.

10-07-2021, 02:01 PM
Can Anyone get Supermod into the scenario?

10-07-2021, 03:25 PM
Hello all

I've notified Kitco admin of this report.

Thank you,