View Full Version : Content - Gold Mining Company Cheerleading

10-01-2017, 07:40 AM
Kitco should take a more skeptical attitude when it comes to the pronouncements - and compensation - of gold mining CEOs and upper management. Over the past ten years the price of gold is up considerably while the price of one of the industries largest inputs - oil - is down just as much. Nevertheless, the gold mining industry continues to flounder. The industry does so in spite of the enormous salaries earned by the upper management of most gold mining companies. Exhibit A for the complete disconnect between pay and company performance would be Peter Marrone and the tens of millions of dollars he has taken out of Yamana while the stock price of the company has gone nowhere. The faith that forum members have in gold as a means of preserving wealth should not automatically extend to the management of gold mining companies. Kitco should be much tougher and press industry CEOs like Marrone on their pay. Too often Kitco and its reporters act like lackeys for the industry.