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12-30-2016, 02:10 PM

After weeks of pouring through Bitcoin and Ethereum I have done the following...

Investigated Bticoin and Ethereum and any securities having to do with them

i only found 3 securities

BTCS - IMO this company is 'vaporware', nothing there, and ridden with debt
GBTC - One share is supposed to equal 0.1 BTC, but the security is trading at about a %33 premium over BTC unless one invests $25K and holds for one year, then it can be had at 'market price'

Leaving MGTI

Which is Mcaffee's company.

So I bought a little bit of MGTI, and I plan to add to that if the price drops further.

John McAfee-led MGT Capital is Mining 90 Bitcoins a Month

I might have dipped my toe in the water with GBTC if it was not for the %33 premium over market (I also think BC is technically overbought ATM)

I may also buy 100 ethereum in the near future.