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02-05-2016, 07:47 PM
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It seems investors and the mainstream media are saying ‘my precious’ to the metals again. This week, gold and silver hit multi-month highs while the dollar (the thorn in gold’s side) has continued to lose value against other major currencies, including the euro, which had an impressive rally. It is a reverse scenario investors have been living with for the past few years. Since the start of the year, the dollar index (DXY) has been struggling to breach the key 100 level.

In turn, everyone is talking gold again, including making the top five searched keywords on Twitter this week.

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Mining stocks were among the biggest gainers of the week, with the NYSE Arca Gold Bugs index (HUI) up 15.8% for the week through Thursday’s close.

However, Friday’s weaker jobs number, which analysts expected to be bullish for gold (http://info.kitco.com/e1t/c/*W4x2Psd6bJh8fW4xtdTC6h6bX80/*W1dmjdw3xwdFKW6K9Dpk1-cP8t0/5/f18dQhb0S66X2dYTs8T_Fzn54qv5HVkjtjj2nRHG8N1XrZvP9d g4PW6HD_x14CZcdXW7Ccc7h6CBzFpW4hN3XY71n1xLW8Bt6s-8cMnc1N9kFpG1SrDWwW7Vnl-T55wdQyW8wyjkv6hNjclW3N6ZKy2RMDmGW4zT7s93RQjhCMBCL CPGDPjPW57NN8P3nbjhvW1DrtyK3J3GnGMxgK_m6Yw1XW80ntZ 44YCzn8F4QPyyqszLXW6sQrFL3xCvJWW1tybxh3pnqFrVk0xK1 6tsD3zW40K2Yq6P6LNtW6sg1nB8v7b8PV3rsLd77YCPyW2YNx_ V51pX_JW1jx6J198fD-HVPyqSh8ZmgWcW6tZ13c5_1zGCW7Fwqwg51YgVSW3Z79R16lDp 3bW1DgjgY7hvPsKW6qzgcx5WPMyNW2nG4z63BbDBKW7TkWSp6M tJrWW8x38Dx9hPHtVW7WgT4c5vGksWW5zY1zF7jlHhTW68V4ZS 6Tq2jJW54wtd06LrpQhW2FpmWk3H2pGzMcdp_lr285GW26NhXF 2BFV79W88LkrN4DRP8KVf4Z9J91CbZ_W65DVqW7-5q4fW3_RsYg2MRKZyW4-Dm8J52hQZb0), didn't help the metal.. The January employment report showed the key non-farms payrolls up 151,000, following a strong rise of 292,000 in December. A reading of up 185,000 was expected.

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