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12-18-2015, 07:26 PM
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The Fed Awakens (Last Star Wars Reference, Promise) (http://info.kitco.com/the-fed-awakens-last-star-wars-reference-promise)

After a year of intense speculation, the Fed has finally raised interest rates; Fed Head Janet Yellen and her crew hoisted rates by a whopping 25 basis points, and it only took them nearly a decade to do it.

In this edition of our newsletter, read about one fund manager who is expecting 2016 to be the year of fear. Reporter Neils Christensen interviewed Axel Merk, president & CIO of Merk Investments, who said, “Complacency is going to lead to fear.” He also noted that with the pending rate hike, the place investors will want to be is gold, read why.

But that is as much as I want to talk about the Fed today. This conversation isn’t ending any time soon; I think it is time for a pause from the Great Interest Rate Debate. There are so many other topics to talk about, the first being our 2016 Outlook Series (http://info.kitco.com/e1t/c/*W1RcBfn6pD6gjN2MmLyvkLd7Q0/*W8YyQcG5LH27rW33gJwG3MG9qx0/5/f18dQhb0Sjvf8YHrG2W84Rxhh2qwv1yVKngT72sN_1QMf5xRdX D6prW39Dr-N8pCDM_W5C9kk74vgKM1W98cdbX7dF4MpW1mslDQ7ZC4HgW4Xb 3xk1nrCGBW51LTg55DHNj2W86gRKf6-bcwQW529mrF6207-kW1njGYl19yTFSW625bx16Gj8TSW6bVy-525PPkdW6NwVrr6Pr5qtW4NwcCJ96dt4SW4r1QvY5M0WYMW8gj Y6L8WBKbVW56sy_82NhXK3N7vVBQypjP8bVLrW9z5njx7tW9fR W__2d_QYZW1BLtML8TzDD3W48ZkWr1FnFr0N2dMDR9wCKHRW4y M69H82BVCMW32hzpH78jDYYW2bL67M8hylsGW328_c62qD2_gV rcdWp3qpDfFW832dh74lBZ6FVnpGXz1Q68w6W1MMh8v3gv4MHW 8l8F2j3LK1G_W6wzSmb5hfR42W8jJpDl4kKHBtN6pGqC1p6HCz W5NLvd06ZzbJGW1mLrC56GVNBWM4ZDM71_P_1f40mJB211), which we launched on Monday.

The Kitco News team always looks forward to this time of year as we put together great content, highlighting topics that should be on a gold investor’s radar.

This year, while there is some optimism in the marketplace, many analysts are not expecting a recovery until at least the second half of the year. That means another six months of weaker prices, but how low can they go? Some analysts and market professionals have said that prices could pierce the $1,000 veil. Famed commodity investor Jim Rogers agreed, stating that gold could even go lower. He added that he is still waiting to buy.

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