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03-27-2015, 04:34 PM
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The U.S. economy ended 2014 slightly weaker than economists were expecting, according to the final GDP report, which came out earlier today. Friday, the Department of Commerce said fourth-quarter GDP rose 2.2% (http://info.kitco.com/e1t/c/*W3JfmX-82GsYGW39-GTn3SCVXf0/*W93Lb1m6Vlcq8W3W8xB015ppr-0/5/f18dQhb0Sq5z8YHs9vW84Rxhh2qwv27N1VwXmf6HTtVMf5k1PX D6prW39Dr-N8pCDM_W5C9kk74vgKM1W98cdbX7dDP-TW4XHCBd7g5K9WW986Dy750MVn_N96zRLQYNhfmW50SF1m2yBn cLW6RRMFp4sX6C9W26mPZm6PVKcrW6N3nBL8xGZPgW1b1KB332 p-B1W8kSxCT8p5DhPW7QBDMz7WllxfW2FH5dk1v14y7W2Swjxk3D vG72Vbbhj16FgYFWW2JDZKm2JDgVLVP88sk344L7SW22WLyB6H BHnDW6qG7347TClVWW1Yfnms7DLhpZW1Rf7T41Y_YvTW1Yc1NG 1M_849W1Dwrld88jzXPW6Cq4r160YYklW7x4fJq7HQNfbW6WrM Zb75b-cSW1lMQDT1Y3zRcW81Q4W8220d5KW1Q6q4C88k0j_W76tWpY6j _JygVFk2JC63Vw9bN34W0ZbVzQv-VVn7DD2QnxrWW494k181TT7M5W5YZbzy714h8ZW1nx-1V8X44ztW7Tl1bN7gZz35W965fQR5b4tQCW1Sd8R07Y2JbMW1n-Vgh4nfSp7102) on a seasonally adjusted basis, unchanged compared to the preliminary report. Economists were fairly optimistic ahead of the report as consensus forecasts were calling for a jump in economic growth to 2.4%.

As for gold prices, after starting off the week on a brighter note, the yellow metal ended the week lower on a downside technical correction and mild profit taking. Also playing a part is the stronger U.S. dollar index, which our technical analysts say has made a good recovery from selling pressure earlier this week.

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rollin prospector
04-09-2015, 02:24 PM
always will be in my eyes i love metal

05-04-2015, 10:11 AM
Definitely, gold is still fanatic! Despite of the economic crisis, all over the world, people want to trade in gold.