View Full Version : Please bring back the Silver quote to your Home page

01-23-2015, 06:37 AM
As of last night you've replaced the other precious metal quotes from it's spot on your Home page - below the two video blocks under the Gold chart - with the gold/silver ratio.

Hopefully this is just an "experiment" and it will be restored.

I rely on that Silver quote along with the gold chart as my go to pulse of the markets. Please don't take it away. Kitco rocks.

Customer Care
01-27-2015, 10:20 AM
Hi Auraflux,

Thank you for your interest in Kitco's website and for your feedback. Rest assured, we have not removed the Silver and PGM quotes from the home page. They have been moved to the left side, between the Market Indices and London Gold Fix.
Please excuse any inconvenience this may have caused. We are in the process of revamping our website, and more such changes may come in the future.
Please feel free and encouraged to share any feedback you have. Your input is vital to us, as we strive to provide the most user friendly experience for our visitors.

01-27-2015, 10:25 AM
Ha, I didn't see that. Silver on the left and gold on the right, and here I sit in the middle with KITCO.

I was just getting good at doing the math to determine the spot price of silver by the gold to silver ratio.

rollin prospector
03-01-2015, 05:53 PM
took me bloody ages to see that too pmsl