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12-22-2014, 04:33 PM
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It has taken a while for the markets to finally digest what the Federal Reserve was trying to say in its monetary policy statement Wednesday. They left in “for a considerable time” only to say that they were removing it. They said their new view of “being patient” is pretty much in line with their previous outlook, which is that rates will be low for a considerable time, at least for two meetings – clear as mud.

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Atlas Shrugged
12-22-2014, 04:41 PM
The FED is thinking: "How can we rake the middle class over the coals, pump up the market and buy bonds via Belgium." They are think "How to get out of dodge when this whole hurdy gurdy blows apart." They are thinking up ways to swindle and enslave more people around the world.

That is what they are thinking.

12-22-2014, 04:44 PM
Isn't the Federal Reserve part of our government? We can trust our own government, can't we?