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  1. Northern Ontario and Quebec PM Operations
  2. What is the platinum outlook/forecast for the rest of 2007?
  3. Just do it – buy just one tomorrow at $388
  4. anyone ever pull the PM's out of a catalytic converter?
  5. $1,800 platinum
  6. i did it E EYE
  7. Jim Sinclair: $1650 “in days”
  8. Is Platinum The Next Rhodium?
  9. What's the deal with the CRAZY Spread on PT?
  10. Platinum charts
  11. This is going to hit 2K no problems
  12. Kitco quotes lagging on Paaladium and Platinum
  13. Platinum runup...a rising star or false alarm?
  14. Gold Vs Platinum
  15. Is it too late to get in Pt?
  16. Kitco 1 oz. Platinum Eagle: 2019.19
  17. 1900 platinum
  18. At what price to sell?
  19. 2000 platinum in stores now for low introductory offer of 1900!!!
  20. Platinum breaks $2000
  21. How far can palladium substitute for platinum?
  22. Traderneal is back but for how long, is anyone's guess.
  23. 2500.00 platinum... on sale now for just 2k!
  24. Platinum & Silver: Silver's turn is next!
  25. Dumping my Ag stack
  26. Finding platinum in coin stores
  27. 1oz. Proof (DCAM) PCGS MS69 Platinum Eagle
  28. Short term investment: gold or silver?
  29. its a bird, its a plane..NO, ITS PLATINUM!!!
  30. when will gold move like platinum...
  31. Platinum Price Jumps, Sets Record, and Results in United States Mint Coin Suspensions
  32. Gold goes vertical
  33. Platinum or Palladium: which is most adviseable?
  34. Palladium versus Platinum
  35. Stocks Worth Taking a Look At.
  36. $100K Silver or platinum
  37. Platinum article today.
  38. Platinum consolidating..::sideway action:::
  39. Silver is kickin' it like Platinum
  40. I just went all in.
  41. DON'T dump your Pt stack...
  42. platinum?
  43. $2625 oz platinum this year
  44. OK...Now What Price to Sell?
  45. Silver Action for 3 6 08
  46. Platinum getting her legs cut off!
  47. $1,000 gold, $20 Silver, $2,000 Platinum, $100 oil = New Bottom
  48. Skinny on Power Supply in S. Africa
  49. Poll: Pick the Platinum Bottom
  50. Patinum falling -$99 dollar today, why ?
  51. Palladium diving today down $39! / -7.66%
  52. Platinum fundamentals still have not changed...
  53. Charting platinum to silver ratio
  54. An excellent Pt/Pd article
  55. The brits are at it again.
  56. Custom-made rounds
  57. Platinum: To the Moon
  58. For Those Depressed About The Price Of Platinum...
  59. Platinum Down Again this week
  60. 1966 Canada Dollar
  61. Gold - Platinum Ratio
  62. Platinum related news:
  63. 10th anniversary platinum two 1/2 coin set
  64. Expert backs platinum fuel cells - 7th April 2008
  65. "A natural bull in platinum..." a good article
  66. NGO calls for boycott of platinum products
  67. Reclaiming platinum
  68. PRECIOUS METALS: NY Platinum Falls But Outlook Said Favorable
  69. Eastern Platinum secures 4 diesel power generators to counter power disruptions
  70. Platinum chip allows woman to see again
  71. Investec predicts platinum price north of $2400 by December
  72. Why IS platinum solid as a rock?
  73. "Mitsui says it can substitute silver for platinum in autocatalysts"
  74. How will this news affect Gold?
  75. Johnson/Matthey - Platinum chip allows woman to see again
  76. How tall of a 1-oz-round stack have you ever made?
  77. Platinum Price and FOMC limited rate cut
  78. Platinum to crest a new record high this year?: GFMS
  79. JM on Mitsui Particulate Filters
  80. Are Platinum Owners Really Smarter?
  81. Platinum ETF is Finally Coming!
  82. 2008 platinum proof coins on sale at us mint
  83. The 2050 resistance point
  84. coins are money
  85. Wonderful... Paper Platinum!
  86. Can palladium replace platinum?
  87. Platinum Vs. Gold
  88. Pt to $3000 this year...easily
  89. Dumping Pt for Ag now
  90. Major Pt producer conference discusses power issues
  91. Blackouts Power Platinum - Forbes
  92. Chinese Gold Pandas-
  93. platinum appears to be on the move again..
  94. All PM's solid today, but PT 42 down..why?
  95. I am Looking for a Platinum Refiner for my Converters
  96. I am looking for a Refiner to process my Converters.
  97. "The Sky is Falling" news..Perfect timing
  98. Using Live.Com for EBAY Bullion?
  99. U.S. Proof Platinum Eagles stopped by Mint
  100. Pt mine workers strike possible
  101. Platinum Dragon Round
  102. Platinum Outlook
  103. Pt bottom
  104. Uneasy about holding Pt long term
  105. Microsoft & eBay ~ Is Cashback Over?
  106. 1889 Platinum US Coin on eBay
  107. Platinum will rise long term
  108. Fuel Cells Without Platinum?
  109. This is why I love the markets!
  110. New Solar Tech Suggests Platinum Use
  111. Pres Bush signs Silver for converters study, could replace Platinum
  112. Platinum Will Rebound Sharply
  113. SA strike price bounce
  114. Platinum or Silver
  115. will platinum ever be worth next to nothing?
  116. platinum future guess!
  117. Gold and Platinum are flat..
  118. Rules of Membership
  119. my first platinum oz
  120. Platinum Bottomed Reached ??
  121. double long platinum?
  122. Platinum Outlook
  123. The platinum peak in 1980.
  124. Platinum is a buy right now. Load up while you still can
  125. Platinum seems to be gaining some support. Up from here. MO
  126. Platinum is OUT OF STOCK at Apmex except 1/10 pieces
  127. Someone Smarter then me please explain
  128. Platinum will rise long term
  129. Platinum getting beat down hard today
  130. 2008 Platinum Eagles
  131. Platinum, I'll just keep my mouth shut. Down almost 10% today.
  132. Platinum is next in line to shoot up in price. Economy is just to weak. PM's strong..
  133. Let's fomr a Platinum Whacking Group
  134. Platinum Rose in Asia Today
  135. Platinum Interesting Facts
  136. Below the $1,000 level. This Bites.
  137. Should I trade all my gold for platinum?
  138. Trading Gold for Platinum???
  139. Can Gold be worth more than Platinum?
  140. Who Is Selling Platinum???
  141. Platinum 5 gram credit suisse bars
  142. gold and platinum are the same price
  143. Its over for you Platinum and Rhodium guys
  144. is it a good time to change gold stocks to platinum?
  145. 2008 Platinum Ealges Sales Figures
  146. Platinum hit below $900 per oz. This Really Bites Now.
  147. Gold to Platinum .... Holy Cow !!
  148. Platinum Proof Eagles back up for sale
  149. Physical platinum and other metals SKY HIGH?!
  150. Platinum Metals Review
  151. Platinum Eagle Status
  152. Electric Car & Platinum Price
  153. Platinum just said gold is falling to the 6's
  154. Platinum wanted
  155. Platinum price has production implications
  156. WARNING: Why ONLY physical? How it will pop!
  157. Gold / Platinum Ratio is whacked
  158. New stock market = silver and platinum
  159. Where to buy platinum coins in Europe?
  160. Trading Gold for Platinum
  161. $5999.95 Platinum.. not a misprint..
  162. How can you not like Platinum Coins?
  163. what would be a good price for platinum eagle?
  164. Buying scrap jewelry in platinum, good idea?
  165. Platinum Eagle for $995 after live.com cash back
  166. Laws to Confiscate Silver & Platinum???
  167. If Silver rises with Gold will Platinum follow even if there is no car/jewelry sales?
  168. Obsessed with Platinum
  169. Platinum Eagles from Mint - Cancelled!
  170. Will platinum dip below gold?
  171. Platinum used in Cancer Treatment - (cool...but medically technical)
  172. Bush Backs Big 3 Auto Maker Bail out $25 Bill. Good for Platinum? Can't hurt.
  173. Interesting day.. Will gold pass platinum today? Getting awfully close.
  174. Platinum Eagle Mintages
  175. SA Platinum mine closure
  176. Gold and Platinum?
  177. Platinum Eagle Proof Mintage Numbers
  178. platinum eagles for sale
  179. alot of mine production cuts I'm buying some Platinum here
  180. Platinum as safe-haven
  181. Can anyone actually find any Platinum for sale
  182. Will Platinum and Gold reach parity?
  183. Advice: Buying Kitco's 1 ounce platinum suisse bars
  184. Platinum to rise soon
  185. Do most of you think Platinum & Silver will hold its own if Gold starts rising soon?
  186. silver is dead
  187. Trading Platinum for Gold
  188. will gold spot overtake platinum spot this week?
  189. Platinum physical price
  190. Need Pocket change...should i sell gold silver or platinum for this?
  191. Pelosi puts in tougher emissions clause will cause increased Platinum usage!
  192. Pelosi puts in tougher emissions clause will cause increased Platinum usage!
  193. Gold now higher than Platinum
  194. buying platinum selling my gold
  195. Bought Platinum selling my Gold coins
  196. Sell Your Plat guys...
  197. Gold higher then Platinum ....
  198. Gold And Platinum Crossed In Trading This AM
  199. Platinum vs gold
  200. Platinum now worth less than gold
  201. Gold and Platinum dead even!
  202. Traded in my GOLD for PLATINUM today
  203. Traded in my GOLD for PLATINUM today
  204. 1990 China 1/10 oz Panda Platinum Proof Coin= $250?
  205. why did Platinum fall from $2300?
  206. Silver vs Platinum
  207. Platinum looks like it put a low in to me in the high $700's
  208. Platinum looks like it put a low in to me in the high $700's
  209. platinum vs rhodium
  210. Hug a platinum guy today.
  211. platinum - palladium and carmakers
  212. Gold & Silver Landscapes, Platinum Skyline
  213. Platinum is all gone and the price will go to zero.
  214. Why Is Platinum Up $ 30 Tonight and Gold Only Up $1?
  215. Platinum rising because GM is now a Bank!
  216. How Much Would You Pay for 1 oz of Platinum?
  217. $2500 Platinum predicted 6-12 months!
  218. Found a Source for Platinum!
  219. What is a 1/10 oz platinum eagle worth?
  220. Platinum: heading back up to the thousand mark!!
  221. Gold Platinum ratio changing fast now
  222. Are vinyl coin sleeves safe for long term storage?
  223. Would you trade your Platinum for Gold?
  224. Isle of Man Platinum Coins
  225. Just read that ...
  226. What up with Platinum?
  227. errr. platinum, palladium going up.. rhodium no go.
  228. Most of you all laughed at me selling my gold and buying Platinum
  229. 1100 Platinum by end of this week..
  230. 2008 Platinum Proof Mintage Figures
  231. Any fakes out there?
  232. I bought platinum from Kitco - glad I did!
  233. Platinum Eagles for Auction on TeleTrade
  234. Japan’s Mazda to reduce Platinum in car catalysts
  235. Platinum up, silver flat
  236. For Platinum 1/4 Eagles...
  237. Spot Platinum
  238. Is the Winner Gold Silver Platinum Palladium Rhodium
  239. Will Platinum ever rise?
  240. Not sure if this is a buy on craigs or not need feedback
  241. The wait is half the fun!! MY PLATINUM IS HERE!!
  242. Where can I buy quality platinum bars in the UK?
  243. Is this a good time to Trade Platinum for Silver?
  244. Found a new use for Platinum: Skin care!
  245. Platinum $1000 !
  246. Why is platinum going up so much faster then gold?
  247. What would you spend $4000 on now?
  248. What's a good price for a 1 oz platinum eagle?
  249. My God...Platinum is up $42 to $1031.
  250. Anyone know where to find 1/10 Eagles Online??