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  1. Pt quickley to $1800?
  2. Sell your platinum for under spot, suckers!
  3. Platinum Eagles Soaring!!!
  4. Got me some Platinum!
  5. pt is the best bet now
  6. Is there a point...
  7. Added to Plati Stack Tonight
  8. $1800
  9. Where to get fractionals reasonable?
  10. Ouch! Platinum getting hit hard
  11. pulled the trigger on pt
  12. Pt Pa effect
  13. Standard Bank Looks For Platinum Group Metals To Keep Trending Higher
  14. Platinum Questions
  15. I'm ready to buy Platinum
  16. seoul olympic commemerative set
  17. Platinum should move higher soon
  18. Spent all day trying to sell; finally traded for Silver
  19. color?
  20. Why is platinum better than palladium?
  21. Pt dealers in Europe
  22. 2011 Platinum Proof Eagel due out May 26th, 2011
  23. Strategery ?
  24. 2011 Platinum Proof Eagle Design
  25. $1800 an ounce?
  26. Platinum only in the green today.
  27. Here we go again!
  28. Thinking of what to do with my platinum if it crashes.
  29. Don't own platinum; what's a decent price?
  30. Platinum...
  31. Swiss Shooting Taler
  32. Which of the P precious metals is the most undervalued?
  33. Will japan events affect Platinum
  34. Platinum (Pl, NYMEX) : Heading Towards 1538.7
  35. Platinum Vs. Palladium prices
  36. Pt - Pd PMs
  37. What countries produce platinum bullion?
  38. Why is Platinum such a under performer?
  39. Where can I sell the guts from a catalytic converter?
  40. JP Morgan buying Platinum!!! read all about it here!
  41. Why is Platinum so undervalued?
  42. Physical Platinum Bullion :: Drying Up?
  43. Anglo Platinum reports Q1 output down 21st April 2011
  44. Platinum (COMEX) : Weekly Cycle Analysis
  45. Making a little trade (:
  46. A***x: No 1 oz coins or bars available
  47. Hold on OR Let it go?
  48. Will there be a platinum shortage in 2 years?
  49. More NEW reports of declining Platinum production
  50. wanting to buy platinum
  51. Platinum : Critical Point 1762.6
  52. Got my 2011 Platinum Eagle!!
  53. Scarcity and Rising Demand a Plus for Platinum
  54. More production misses in Pt.
  55. Platinum Surplus Seen Jumping Eightfold
  56. Platinum : Pulling Towards 1796.1
  57. My first platinum ...
  58. The roads are paved in Platinum
  59. Platinum - Any added taxes if delivered?
  60. Platinum : Critical Point 1691.7
  61. who's buying?
  62. Premiums at Kitco!!!
  63. Auto industry, seeing new life, is on hiring spree
  64. Ohio Senator Brown fights for fuel cells
  65. Spike Today
  66. Do you think Platinum is under valued?
  67. Are Platypuses Pretty?
  68. Gold will pass Platinum and become 'KING METAL'
  69. Platinum 1 oz liquidity
  70. Today an example of why Pt is better hold now...
  71. Why so many graded Platinum coins??
  72. Girls best friend
  73. Nov 2010 -Platinum cost $1,680/oz to produce.
  74. CFTC Fines Portfolio Manager $1 Million In Attempt To Manipulate PGM Futures
  75. Platinum Fractional Coins
  76. PGM Forecast of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader
  77. Trillion Dollar Coin?
  78. Can anyone explain to me why Platinum is lagging behind Palladium?
  79. Trillion dollar platinum coins
  80. platinum ratio to other metals
  81. If someone knows nothing about platinum but is very familiar with gold/silver...
  82. Rick Rule thinks Platinium will rise soon and may explode to upside
  83. Trading Au for Pt?
  84. Why is Platinum lagging so much??
  85. first timer
  86. Platinum's Buy/Sell Spread
  87. Underweight Isle of Man
  88. Priced the same, Pt will always be more attractive than gold
  89. Platinum reached $1977 today?
  90. popular online retailers out of Pt...
  91. Would now be a good time to swap some Gold for Platinum...
  92. Amusing old article : U.S. gold coins countefeited using platinum
  93. Pt and gold, neck and neck..
  94. Anyone here buying Platinum
  95. Platinum bullion
  96. Questions on PGMs and PMs?
  97. For the platinum lover
  98. Which will be higher 6-12 months from now?
  99. Thoughts on PPLT
  100. Question
  101. Pt APE
  102. Our webcast of the CPM Group PGM Seminar
  103. Platinum Group Metals Discovery in Guyana: GlobalMin Guyana
  104. Not Good
  105. Again no platinum in stock
  106. Platinum at one year low.
  107. CPM Group's "Platinum Group Metals (PGM) Seminar" - 2011
  108. Platinum below $1500 again
  109. Trading gold for platinum?
  110. More bad news for platinum with margin rate hikes?
  111. CME Group Hikes Margin Requirements For Copper, Platinum Futures
  112. So what are you all doin??
  113. Three days with CME volume under 1000
  114. $20 Spike?
  115. Those other platinum group metals
  116. Gold for Platinum
  117. Fuel Cell Roundup 10/17/11
  118. Someone stole our catalytic converter...
  119. Platinium will certainly have its day
  120. Platinum fans
  121. silver panda ready for extinction???
  122. Renmimbi and China Gold Connection
  123. Platinum physical disconnecting from spot...
  124. Platinum/Palladium good outlook/shortage coming
  125. Converters
  126. Platinum: The 'Cheapest' Precious Metal
  127. New Platinum Jr - Cdn Platinum Corp.
  128. Platinum vs Palladium
  129. Zimbabwe to hike platinum royalties
  130. Gold/Platinum ratio now 1.13
  131. What happens...
  132. Perth Mint - 2012 Platinum Australian Platypus 1oz Coin
  133. $200 spread
  134. Platinum is going down and Palladium is going up
  135. here we are...
  136. Platinum sales suspended at LCS
  137. Endangered animals platinum Canada series sets
  138. Carmakers’ $7 Billion Platinum Bill Shrinking Glut
  139. Poor communities bear the high cost of platinum
  140. Platinum appeal
  141. Kitco out of Pt
  142. Platinum is a waste of money
  143. Did I get a decent deal?
  144. Barclays Capital Forecasts Platinum 2012 High At $1,900...
  145. Wish I had the money right now to buy
  146. This could be huge
  147. Visiting the States, where to buy platinum?
  148. Bullion Platinum Eagles possibly coming back this year
  149. where to buy platinum in large quantities?
  150. Supply of investment Platinum
  151. Sprott Files Physical Platinum and Palladium ETF
  152. Help With Value Please
  153. Platinum: The Industrial Man's Gold
  154. Hydrogen fuel cells and platinum
  155. Safety inspections hinder platinum & palladium production
  156. Kinda quiet around here, isn't it?
  157. 3 BILLION in platinum found
  158. Pt got hammered.
  159. Is this getting enough attention?
  160. Indian Exchange to start platinum trading as demand to gain
  161. Lab ware Plat
  162. Treasure hunter finds $3B WWII platinum wreck
  163. The look of Platinum
  164. South African Mine Fires 13,000 Workers
  165. Possibly 3 billion in Pt treasure coming up
  166. Zimbabwe craziness
  167. PT or Gold to be on top?
  168. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee UK Platinum Proof Coin
  169. Something out of Kilter
  170. "Violent strike boosts Pt price"
  171. Only $50 til Pt>Au. Why is Pt lower?
  172. Big drop tonight
  173. The Richest Shipwreck in Boston's Backyard, Port Nickelson
  174. Pt closing on gold, now only $30 difference
  175. Neutral - bearish
  176. Platinum above gold ---
  177. Gold & Platinum at about par with each other.
  178. Which will be higher at the end of 2012: Au 0r Pt?
  179. Nadler on the noble metals 3/23/012
  180. Finally found some platinum
  181. Odd Proof finish on regular Pt Eagle
  182. Why do you like platinum
  183. Platinum is now a semi-monetary metal
  184. premium
  185. My Post
  186. Anglo’s Platinum Output Falls 24%
  187. Platinum premium conversation
  188. WTF is This???
  189. Junk Platinum Fair Market Value?
  190. Kitco starts selling physical platinum AGAIN
  191. Premiums on different coins
  192. What and How? (from Silver group)
  193. Speculative longs going short?
  194. near-Earth asteroids for platinum?
  195. Precious Metal Cards (PM Cards) by Mitsubishi
  196. where to find advanced Pt/Pd charts?
  197. Platinum or Gold
  198. where can i get fractional platinum
  199. Platypus or Maple
  200. Weakening Investment Demand in Platinum Group Metals (PGM's) - Erica Rannestad
  201. Why is platinum THIS low?
  202. Platinum coin ring test
  203. The gap is closing
  204. sales taxes on Pt in US states
  205. bought 60g at spot
  206. Is Platinum Worth Buying Right Now?
  207. question about platinum type s
  208. can this be???
  209. Silver more an industrial metal than Platinum
  210. Picked up my first "platinum only" coin today
  211. mine workers killed by police in South Africa
  212. What is your prediction for the price of platinum by end of August?
  213. Selling Causes Agression in Platinum Industry
  214. Lonmin mineworkers gather as Malema lays murder charges
  215. Lonmin strike spreads to Other Mines
  216. Is BIG smart money buying Platinum?
  217. Maybe We Hit Peak Platinum: Michael Jones, CEO of Platinum Group Metals Ltd.
  218. punch on the nose today
  219. Anyone interested in trading a tube of 1oz plat. eagles for tube of 1oz gold eagles?
  220. strike south africa
  221. Platinum Should be going through the roof
  222. UPDATE 4-S.Africa's Amplats fires 12,000 wildcat strikers
  223. Anglo American platinum loses $126 million over strikes
  224. Auto sales up nationwide
  225. Real Platinum Cookware
  226. Platinum just lost industrial appeal
  227. Platinum May Outperform as South Africa Intensifies
  228. What's with the high premiums?
  229. Platinum market swings into deficit as supply hits 11-year low
  230. Application for Platinum in Hydrogen Production from Light
  231. Platinum and Palladium Shed Bullish Light
  232. How long will platinum be cheaper than gold?
  233. Bars from Scotiabank
  234. your thoughts on platinum over the next year
  235. Now the time to buy Pt
  236. Maybe This Caused The Recent Move Up In Pt
  237. Platinum over takes gold
  239. Sprott Platinum & Palladium trust
  240. Platinum & Palladium's Place In The World
  241. Replacement for platinum in Catalyst Converters
  242. Whoaaaa
  243. If you are Japanese would you add PT
  244. liquidity of physical platinum
  245. Platinum Supply Falls to 13-Year Low
  246. Good Time to Sell Pt?
  247. What will happen to platinum price if Platinum is completely replaced in CC's ?
  248. PLATINUM to be in deficit 251,000 ounces in 2013 + next 5 years
  249. Biggest Crisis Since 2008 Looms for South African Mines: Energy
  250. Best Online Dealers