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  1. What % of your portfolio is in silver ?
  2. What do people here think about Netflix and iQIYI (so-called Netflix of China)?
  3. Securities Class Action Lawsuits? Should I file a claim?
  4. Believable misinformation
  5. Investment confidentiality
  6. Lotto trades Journal. Get your tips. Big wins or small losses. think of it like betting on horses.
  7. Stock markets closed on Monday for Bush funeral
  8. Too funny
  9. Alan Greenspan has a new warning for investors: 'Run for cover'
  10. Fed working hard today
  11. Trump Said "Buy Buy Buy"
  12. Gundlach: Last year's market selloff was just a 'taste of things to come'
  13. Famous traders:
  14. Bob Moriarty has a book about investing in resource stocks,
  15. Dow and S&P forming huge head and shoulder pattern
  16. Brain damage can help you make profits in the markets....
  17. Early Warning
  18. Goldman Sachs and UBS execs warn: Markets are ‘overpricing’ Fed rate cuts
  19. What's the lattest (non penny) stock you just picked?
  20. Someone Please Translate
  21. DOW JONES zero..ZERO % increase YTD! OMG
  22. Questions/concerns on company specific issues, ETF's/Mutual Funds/Closed End Funds/BDC's/Bond funds
  23. After a market collapse will inflation rise?
  24. Uranium Stocks
  25. Insanity money and debt in todays markets
  26. To stop loss or not to stop loss
  27. David Tepper says coronavirus ‘may be a game changer’ for market
  28. Valuation Insanity
  29. When does correction this become a buy opportunity ?
  30. Am I the only one looking at the bear flag in the markets?
  31. Is anyone buying stocks on this over-reaction to the flu?
  32. Contest time! Win yourself an ounce of silver! How low can it go?
  33. Dow 21,000 4-3-20
  34. Bear Market Turns Leveraged Gold Miners ETF To DUST
  35. Is it something I said?
  36. Gravestone Doji's Everywhere
  37. With this pandemic, you need stocks with stable distributions
  38. Oil @ insane low
  39. Stock Picks and Tips
  40. What's your sell strategy when you are looking to close a trade?
  41. Robinheaders have been in GLD long before July
  42. 20% cash sitting in my 401k
  43. Dow vs Homestake Mining
  44. Newsletters ??
  45. I have just joined this group
  46. Looking to get into stocks (mutual funds), open to suggestion/advice
  47. GameStop
  48. Thinking of opening an account?
  49. Wanted; Investors to push a jr miner stock Robinhoodstyle
  50. Trillion Energy is Deeply Undervalued
  51. PHOENIX GOLD RESOURCES up 1000% in 3 hours!
  52. Life did not start in 1996
  53. Any thoughts on the DOW closing above 34K ???
  54. Sin stocks
  55. Shorting XAU paper to go long physical. Costs?
  56. Happy Ending.......... (Friday)
  57. -ili.v- (arxrf-otcqb)
  58. The following is my case for buying Fortuna Silver Mines (FSM) stock.
  59. Didn't he know that what goes up has to come down?
  60. something Brewing?
  61. Thinking of starting doing some online day trading. Anyone here doing well with it?
  62. A rare day
  63. Hedge fund Marvin Capital shutsdown
  64. An end to frontrunning?
  65. Can I become a millionaire by investing in stocks?
  66. Where to Invest starting June 13th 2022 ??????
  67. Don't worry. Be happy
  68. Rumble (rum)
  69. 2008, 2022, miners, interest rates
  70. Roller Coaster Stock Market...becoming a farce
  71. Anybody investing through groundfloor?
  72. Would appreciate some advice
  73. Big Lots pain thread
  74. What happened to my investment thread I have been posting in since 3/18/2018?
  75. Equitrans Midstream - ETRN
  76. How can anyone rationally put money in the stock market?
  77. Dividend Investing
  78. Foreign Stocks and ETF's
  79. Check out the chart for the Great Depression stock market crash
  80. TD AmTrade becoming Schwab - might need a new brocker
  81. India
  82. Best Investment Platforms for Handling Uninvested Cash???
  83. Looks like we have a Santa Claus rally going on in stocks