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  1. Two gauges of consumer confidence gave conflicting signals Friday
  2. The Long Johns explain the markets and subprime (satirical comedy video)
  3. Fed Funds Rate Mysteries... Impending Credit Market Supercriticality?
  4. Systemic risk rises: correlation hits new highs
  5. The Greatest Stock Market Mania of All Time
  6. How'll POG be affected by CDS implosion?
  7. Weekend bank seizures contest
  8. It's worse than we thought...
  9. Firestorm Erupts Over Gold, Silver Shorting by U.S. Banks
  10. Financial crisis at-a-glance: 7 Oct (from the BBC)
  11. FTSE 100 index facing worst year... Randgold biggest gainer
  12. Wanna see an ugly chart, check out the one year usdx...
  13. Australia Tries to Avoid a Housing Bubble
  14. History of our recovery from the recession...
  15. 1929 to Now Chart with Trend Lines
  16. Chart Request
  17. Does this chart means the US had a 100% taxrate and can it happen again?
  18. Live Precious Metals chart for desktop?
  19. Anyone have a good gold YEARLY and also MONTHLY chart ?
  20. 10-year Graph
  21. all forecasters in astrology are confused
  22. Graph depicting Percent of Job Losses in Post WWII Recessions (updated)
  23. Head & Shoulders On 3 Year US Dollar Chart
  24. Chart of the Day: State Buget Gaps 2010
  25. Up to date "sell" chart
  26. Any opinion on US Steel chart?
  27. A scary looking chart
  28. imf ready to unload 191 tonnes of gold
  29. SHTF in Greece?
  30. Is That A Reverse Head & Shoulders On The 5 Year Chart?
  31. Banning Sport Fishing? Are You Kiddin' Me?
  32. Gold chart 3-18
  33. Dow Jones chart 3-22
  34. Chart Question/Input
  35. Anyone else thinking of selling.. ?
  36. My SIgnature Chart (30+ years in the making)
  37. Interesting Chart
  38. S&P 500 longer term monthly chart
  39. The Chart of the Day
  40. Gold to Real Estate Conversion
  41. Gold chart with some lines
  42. How does this chart look?
  43. dump this is the high
  44. Did $USD hit .82 cents according to chart? ?
  45. Imaging owning BP stock
  46. Natural Gas Stocks
  47. Interesting Chart here, what's it mean...?
  48. Baltic Dry Index (BDI)
  49. BP Stocks
  50. Did you short anything today?
  51. Today's Chart Triangle Points to ...
  52. You can verify
  53. Ma-nip-u-late-tion
  54. Jim Rogers is not selling
  55. Dismal Economic Indicators
  56. What is Martin Armstrongs solution?
  57. Pay the tax this yr. & convert to Roth IRA?
  58. Fox in the henhouse again.
  59. Toxic assets from AIG gaining value
  60. Bernanke's job security could be in jeapordy if RP wins 2012
  61. When Double Dippers become economic party poopers
  62. Credit Crunch
  63. Pat on the Back for Lungren + How about Trying Again ? (to repeal Obamacare tax)
  64. July 23 the new Green Exchange
  65. After 378 years, NH family farm goes up for sale
  66. Cumulative US Bank Failures
  67. State and Local Debt Bombs Ticking Throughout U.S. Heartland
  68. Capitalism and Public intervention.
  69. The Incredible Sinking Dollar...
  70. Awesom Jim Rickards Interview
  71. The DOW
  72. Why There WILL NOT be deflation
  73. Anyone else notice this?
  74. Trickle Down Drying Up
  75. NEWSWEEK SOLD FOR $1...Ain't socialism cool?
  76. GSR heading to 48
  77. If the devil was a woman, she would likely resemble this
  78. Meet the Bancor - your new world currency
  79. Has anyone heard of Robert prechter?
  80. JP Morgan Chase To Create Global Corporate Bank
  81. Redenomination of the IDR...
  82. Deflation debunking
  83. Social Sec. in the red (first-time)
  84. What You Always Wanted To Know About Gold
  85. Get ready to short bonds...
  86. Fed Meeting August 10 - Will they Announce QE2 ?
  87. The Inflation myth
  88. Uranium stocks!!
  89. R/e update (medium price 120G)
  90. YouTube video series: "Three types of money"
  91. where is story about US Treasury Sec. Timothy Geithner
  92. Zinc Canceled Warrants Triple After Force Majeure Declared
  93. Market Data Firm Spots the Tracks of Bizarre Robot Traders
  94. Gold - Global Collapse - And the Future...
  95. Another Economist Saying This Is A Depression
  96. Gold down $10...DOW futures down 85...
  97. "Household Sector" - Sprott Tracks Hidden Debt Purchases
  98. Development districts face wave of bond defaults
  99. Its not QE2 , its QELite... wait what.... Q-ELITE?
  100. Peter Schiff wants to prevent Dollar demise?
  101. Fed to pump more money into economy
  102. How the GOP set up an American Apocalypse
  103. Bernie buying t-bills because nobody
  104. Bloomberg:U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know
  105. Mathew Simmons died this weekend
  106. r/e question: A lack of money
  107. USD up?
  108. If the Stock Market is Manipulated via HFT & PPT
  109. The Bear Market Isn't Over - 10 Reasons Why
  110. BP will be hit with massive property loss claims before medical claims
  111. I wish i would have bought gold
  112. Kitco's favourite guru round 1 (topic closes august 15)
  113. DOW 10K won't hold
  114. Astro cycle projections 0809 - 081310 Crude, Nat Gas, Euro/USD
  115. Time to dump Euro?
  116. Sentiment increased in August?
  117. Dark cabalís desperate last-minute efforts to stop their collapse will fail-B.Fulford
  118. US Government: Debt Key Tipping Point Reached !
  119. Reagan's Budget Manager blasts Republican policies
  120. The Final Fraud--Part I
  121. The Dollar will get hammered
  122. India working hard to curb inflation
  123. First time in a while,us population owns more than 50% Of USA's debt
  124. China Passes Japan as Second-Largest Economy
  125. China reduced holdings of US debt by 7.7% YTD!
  126. The Vix: Playing with fire?
  127. Any thoughts on the HUI?
  128. What's going on?
  129. Kyle Bass
  130. new 100 bill a post on sectrets in the images
  131. Head honcho says 2 more years until the recovery
  132. George Soros dumps U.S. equities, buys gold...
  133. [B]GMO Crop Sabotage on the Rise: French citizens destroy trial vineyard [/B]
  134. WOW...FREE Kitco e-conference with Ron Paul, Marc Faber...
  135. GREECE is GOING DOWN....Won't be long now.
  136. I'd Love to See Deflation, But It's Just Not Happening
  137. I'm here to motivate you to decide soon
  138. Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof?
  139. Where is the Small Scale Gold Trade
  140. Astro cycle projection: 0816 - 082010: Crude, Nat Gas, Eur/Usd
  141. What is the longest recession you've been in?
  142. 1960 houses for 19K
  143. New Currency???
  144. What's killing the euro?
  145. Talk about a bully, Let the truth be told, Smoking is bad for your HEALTH
  146. Stock market crash this coming week?
  147. Who pays the light Bill.
  148. US Savings Bonds for foreigners ok?
  149. [B]Homeowners' Rebellion: Recent Rulings Could Shield 62 Million Homes From Foreclosu
  150. Ron Paul of the 1950's..Robert Welch(JBS)
  151. Great Hyperinflation Article
  152. I want your money, Movie
  153. It's looking pretty scary out there....
  154. The Gold Bank - Possible or Impossible
  155. US Appeals Court rules against Fed. next stop...
  156. Theft by deflation
  157. Overdose: A 4 corners ABC special on the GFC
  158. When someone is too good to be true...
  159. Dollar is losing its safe haven status
  160. Anyone remember ICELAND?
  161. Hard-nosed Fed sends global markets reeling !
  162. Andrew Gause Currency Historian
  163. Hyperinflation and the Import Export Biz
  164. ETFs.. The Contango Trap- Making a Living off Dumb Money.
  165. Morgan Stanley: The GUBMINT will DEFAULT
  166. Banking and emerging market questions
  167. When are we gonna Protest?
  168. Chiasso Bonds
  169. Start your DOW selling
  170. Credit card debt plunges
  171. Banks back switch to renminbi for trade
  172. Japanese vow to stop yen gains
  173. Is Bernakia considered a new Messiah
  174. "Taking money out of the bank" post from a couple of weeks ago
  175. London Gold Fix
  176. People with best credit, now the worst
  177. Very Important Information - Save Your Home From Foreclosure
  178. how to get the economy moving.
  179. The Secret of Oz
  180. Can You Pay Your Mortgage w/Credit Card
  181. Worldwide growth could lag for a decade
  182. Saving for College
  183. Video: The greatest financial crisis we will ever see...on it's way
  184. rumors that Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the PBC, has fled.
  185. China Lost 430 Billion on US treasuries???
  186. Morning PM news roundup 31-08-10
  187. Is this possible?
  188. Gold and Taxes
  189. JPMorgan Is Shutting Down All Prop Trading Desks
  190. Stop loss orders.....
  191. Scallywag's Daily PM News sept 01
  192. Whoa...Look at that USD index fall..
  193. A visual guide to where your tax dollars go
  194. Spread the Cold hard Truth
  195. Scallywags Daily News Sept 02
  196. The most fair and efficient tax possible - please criticise or share other thoughts.
  197. helicopter ben prepping you all for bank holliday?
  198. New rig explosion in Gulf of Mexico
  199. This I believe is the break-out for commodities.
  200. question about dollar verses treasures...
  201. Tony Robbins on the economy:
  202. Scallywags daily news sept 03
  203. Unemployment up to 9.6%....DOW futures rise 100 points.
  204. Sales Tax Holidays a Political Move
  205. Question re 401k's, IRA's and taxes
  206. ideas on putting cash
  207. Pay no SS tax when you hire unemployed &No 2nd Stimulus
  208. history repeats ..duh
  209. what happens if the USD...
  210. Housing Woes Bring New Cry: Let Market Fall
  211. Is there an economist in the house?
  212. Fears rise as EU nations aim to raise borrowing
  213. MOVED -The Economics of Procreation - BobbbJ
  214. Daily Precious Metals News and market chat
  215. Greek Deals Hidden From EU Probed as 400% Yield Gap Shows Doubt
  216. Time for America to look within (china Daily)
  217. No Precious Metals mentioned...
  218. SOOOO...Are any of you goldbugs cashing in and...
  219. Credit Union Gold Bank
  220. Ireland breaks up Anglo Irish as EMU debt jitters return
  221. National Bank of Greece Tumbles on Plan to Raise $3.6 Billion of Capital
  222. If Eurozone Breakup... euro ??
  223. Whatever happened to Dubai's troubles?
  224. Collapse of U.S. Dollar Imminent! Within Weeks!
  225. If Rebublicans win in Nov, will PM prices fall? Should we sell?
  226. The farm meets Socialism
  227. GoldMoney Puts the Smackdown on Kitco Pool Gold
  228. Finally the DOW has stabilized
  229. How to solve 911 Koran Mess
  230. EFT-Land...help!
  231. Is this the Right Time for the Fed to go Negative?
  232. Is there a DOW ETF?
  233. This Speaks Volumes !!!
  234. Loan for houses didn't pay up
  235. Faith is required but not in some barbarous relic like gold
  236. The main causes of the Great Depression
  237. Record people falling into poverty
  238. The woes of "technical" analysis
  239. 401K and IRA holders will be forced to buy govt bonds
  240. small change windfall poll :
  241. Have you heard about the new global "banking reform"?
  242. The Inflationary process in the world economy
  243. Canadian Bonds
  244. Economy Saved says Warren Buffett
  245. It will begin in the Orient!!
  246. USD not looking good right now...topped out?
  247. Cuba to cut one million public sector jobs
  248. US Unemployment Map
  249. A look inside my IRA...
  250. IMF fears social explosion