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  1. Kitco Forum Market Simulator - 3rd Quarter
  2. Rules of Membership
  3. Calling MCX trackers
  4. $11/pound nickel bullion, good price?
  5. Huge correction in commodities and stocks
  6. AU is dead CU is alive
  7. Forgive my ignorance...
  8. petro stocks ?
  9. Anybody Follow Tin? Any Good Picks?
  10. Metals trading turns choppy in PM, data and Bernanke comments spice up activity
  11. KITCO Market Simulator 4th Qtr, 2010
  12. Daily Base Metal View
  13. Base Metal Coins in the UK
  14. Is FXPIF.PK the US version of FLX.V
  15. Scrapping for silver...
  16. something fishy ??
  17. Market Wrap For Commodity
  18. Trimmed Paper PM Bought oil drillers?
  19. Aluminum ETF Could Rival Palladium
  20. October 8, 2010: The Day Agriculture Prices Exploded
  21. Soaring prices threaten new food crisis
  22. 2010 Food Crisis Means Financial Armageddon
  23. Global Food Crisis: 6.8 Billion Served…and Counting
  24. Alloy scrap prices?
  25. Which is more effective?
  26. Cotton Hits Peak since 1870
  27. Question about Oil funds
  28. New World Order: Keep it in the ground
  29. Sprott New Physical Silver Fund
  30. Ever check?
  31. So.... I bought one of those penny sorters....
  32. NG gap up
  33. Purchased a 1kg Copper Bullion BAR!
  34. Sugar, Baby! Prices Just Reached 30-Year Highs
  35. Cotton prices
  36. Rare Earth Elements Companies
  37. Melt it?
  38. Is there a point in collection copper pennies?
  39. China Can Use More Copper Than World Has
  40. Speculators bet that crop prices hit new record
  41. Mercury vs Tungsten
  42. What about Copper?
  43. Formation metals: the come-back
  44. Copper
  45. would it make sense to put emergency funds into nickels?
  46. post your favourite base metals junior exploration companies on this thread...
  47. copper????
  48. reading about tungsten
  49. North American Uranium Stocks
  50. Daily Agri Commodity View
  51. premium on nickel bullion?
  52. Long time comming.....
  53. Relative unknowns when TSHTF-The truth about your grocery store,& the makeup of th
  54. New Investment Metals
  55. Stacking Copper Pennies VS. Nickels
  56. PIMCO commodity fund PCRIX: wth????
  57. London Copper Market Being Cornered
  58. Historical Copper ratios
  59. I'm giving out kilo .999 copper bars for xmas
  60. I have to start buying copper now that I can't afford Silver.
  61. How many pennies to a pound?
  62. Save the Canadian Penny
  63. Sorting out Pennies
  64. Copper Baron?
  65. .999 fine NICKEL BARS
  66. Copper prices 2009, 2010
  67. Copper Flucuates After China Rate Rise Damps Futher Tighening Concern
  68. China is cutting exports by 10%
  69. Nickels are heavy - but will they perform after a FIAT crash and burn????
  70. Agriculture...?
  71. Buying Copper
  72. Commodities Beat Stocks, Bonds, Dollar in 2010
  73. Oil Could Push to $110: Charts...vid
  74. New "hobby"
  75. Pennies vs. Nickels
  76. Is anybody investing in Natural Gas Stocks??
  77. What stock software do you use?
  78. Revolutionary EOR Tool Company
  79. Have you seen this
  80. Aluminum
  81. Start a Farm or Invest in Commodity Stocks
  82. Copper extends gains after US data; eyes record high
  83. Adriana Resources shares nearly quadruple in 60-day period
  84. Market Wrap For Daily Agri Commodity
  85. Copper Penny Removal
  86. Copper down $1.46 SPIKE??? WTF
  87. Nickels investing
  88. Cold Fusion using Nickel
  89. Time to invest in Copper and other construction materials
  90. Cu Mtn Jr Drills 1.23 % Copper,132 gm Silver
  91. Rice Closes Limit Up -- tipping point ?
  92. sugar prices
  93. Copper Highs! Australia Low Due To Cyclone Yasi
  94. Elusive Base-Metal Brass Monkey Wrench
  95. Zazu Metals
  96. Jim Rogers says CNBC should be "CommoditesNBC", Sees Oil At $150
  97. 10 dollar copper soon?
  98. Canada - Cupronickel 5 cent
  99. Oil & Gas Due Diligence Center (OGDDC)
  100. Most vicious manipulation sure as hell!
  101. Nickel and the Slow Death of Money
  102. Thoughts on AGQ
  103. If China crash's ~ What happens to Commodity's?
  104. would you be a buyer - Lakota rounds for $1 ?
  105. Copper hits three week low.....
  106. a little confused about copper
  107. Copper Pennies
  108. General Information on American Oil Companies
  109. Worth It?
  110. Couldn't pass them up...
  111. When will copper hit $5 lb
  112. I sense the Gears of the Economy Changing
  113. copper penny question
  114. Would you buy ETF's or physical gold and silver now?
  115. Uranium prices after the quake.
  116. Buying Copper
  117. percentage of copper in circulation
  118. CWRN.pk - iron producer about to ship first ever load of iron ore this week!!
  119. Coin show story
  120. Refining base metals
  121. Info needed on Large Brit Pennies...copper
  122. Adding Base metals from Nickels and sorting
  123. new asx rules for small caps ??
  124. Buying Copper Bullion
  125. Scrap Metals Hoarding
  126. is copper a SCREAMING buy??
  127. Agriculture, Food & Commodities Due Diligence Center (AF&C-DDC)
  128. Copper value VS
  129. Tungsten
  130. Help me value this copper mining company (TSE:CUM)
  131. Consider stacking COPPER.. just got some
  132. Weight that figures copper spot
  133. SPR.V 0.12 at Cu Mtn
  134. Penny Sorter.
  135. Best place to buy copper
  136. Is Copper the new gold? Video clip FOX News
  137. Here is an Interesting take on commodities and how a pull-back could occur
  138. Copper; Forever in Gold/Silver's shadow
  139. Black gold
  140. Is Copper the New
  141. Sound investment for those on a budget
  142. Nickel
  143. Does anyone have a list of copper rounds?
  144. Japan strikes it good
  145. The end is nigh!
  146. Hording Pennies and Nickels
  147. Is copper the new silver?
  148. Hooked on UK Large pennies
  149. PORK BELLIES!!!!!
  150. Somthing odd!
  151. Copper Mt Drilling Announcement
  152. Is Nickel Considered a Precious Metal??
  153. copper stocks
  154. How about a DEPLETED URANIUM coin?
  155. Copper is Offically Precious in South Carolina
  156. Fraud or problems with Sino-Forest Corporation (TRE.TO, OTC: SNOFF)
  157. Has Corn topped?
  158. Anybody else catch this?
  159. Are pennies legal tender?
  160. Arian Silver
  161. Copper Pennie
  162. Uranium
  163. Penny Storage
  164. Unusual metal report
  165. Should Kitco offer base metals pool accounts?
  166. What Containers do you use to store pennies?
  167. Question about copper in US coins
  168. copper bullion
  169. Blank Penny
  170. Things might get ugly for Copper
  171. roll searchers: What to do with Canadian Cents?
  172. EPA approves positive copper claims?
  173. Coin roll searching
  174. Copper continues upswing
  175. 2009 Penny Mintage Figures (Key Date?)
  176. The Event of the year!
  177. starting to horde pennies
  178. PMs Aren't Liquid Assets?
  179. Strange Copper Coin
  180. CME Group calls tax situation 'untenable;' says it may exit state
  181. The Cupronickel Standard
  182. Crude oil down 4% silver up 4%
  183. Chart of Ontario Oil to Gas Prices
  184. Is copper worth it and what do you buy?
  185. Noob's Copper basic Question
  186. How many pennies fit in a coffee can?
  187. Which to buy now?
  188. Haven't seen this posted yet, might finally happen.
  189. Nickel up $1.12 a pound for the day
  190. Stacking Copper...
  191. What is up with Aluminim...
  192. US Nickels in Europe
  193. Buy Copper in Ounce Coins now???
  194. Storing Bright Shiney Pennies
  195. I never saw the CNBC report but
  196. Watch Copper -- and correlation to the markets
  197. 2 1/2-cent Copper "Penny"
  198. Rogers International Commodity Index Investment
  199. How low will copper go?
  200. Anyone Make DIY Copper Ingots
  201. Penny Miners - How many boxes of copper pennies do you have?
  202. refining coins
  203. Jon Nadler on rare earth minerals
  204. More bad news for copper and .....
  205. What happened to copper?
  206. how do YOU trade physical metals?
  207. Other metals
  208. 2009 Penny Question
  209. The ugly truth about copper
  210. Invest in Coal
  211. Mcx Interday Levels n calls
  212. New - Canadian Platinum Corp
  213. Foreign Nickel coins?
  214. Nickel or Copper?
  215. Copper Penny hoarding on Nightline (ABC) - tonight Dec 2.
  216. The Entire Futures/Options Market Has Been Destroyed by the MF Global Collapse
  217. Where's the Lithium Forum
  218. crude futures?
  219. The rarity of precious metals
  220. What's one billion per Troy ounce?
  221. New American Nickels and Pennies
  222. Copper Outlook 2012 Poll
  223. Jim Rogers commodity index funds ???
  224. Nickel and penny horders
  225. forget Gold...let's all get rich shortin' Natural Gas...
  226. Mint begins trial strikes in composition tests
  227. thoughts on CORVF
  228. why no chicken futures?
  229. A "Made in Canada" Keystone XL Pipeline Solution: Hon. Bob McLeod (NW Territories)
  230. Need some copper advice
  231. So is anything safe when an emegency is declared?
  232. Providio’s Daily Futures Market Commentary For Feb 9, 2012
  233. Obama's Budget calls for cheaper nickels and pennies...
  234. A small copper find
  235. an undervalued Zinc Junior...Donner Metals...
  236. Why Nickels May Be Better Than Silver
  237. Best copper investment for going long on copper.
  238. Oppose 1.8 Billion in New Mining Taxes
  239. Providio's Daily Futures Market Commentary for March 23, 2012
  240. Q&A re: canadian nickels
  241. IBC Advanced Alloys
  242. Holy Moly! $300.00 for a roll of 1943 Steel Pennies!
  243. Canada eliminates penny
  244. canadian penny dead.
  245. Hud Bay & VMS - NEWS - Prefeasibilty Completed
  246. Providio's Daily Futures Market Commentary for April 5, 2012
  247. Copper Bars/Rounds
  248. PM IRA's
  249. Trading Copper
  250. Providio's Daily Futures Market Commentary for April 11, 2012