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  3. Commodity long term boom
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  5. Commodities Back in Bear Market Territory
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  7. Save your nickels
  8. Logan Copper - Graphite Property News
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  10. Gold-Silver - Cheapest Sellers
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  12. JPM Copper ETF
  14. Copper
  15. Anyone considered Tin?
  16. Alumina and bauxite prices
  17. Providio’s Daily Futures Market Commentary For June 6, 2012
  18. CH-268T question
  19. Base Metals, last five years....
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  21. Anybody stacking titanium?
  22. Providio's Daily Futures Commentary For June 20, 2012
  23. Daily Commodity Trends
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  25. North American Nickel (NAN.V)
  26. Watch the base..
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  29. Tin
  30. Silver and...
  31. Providio's Daily Grains Commentary for July 18,2012
  32. Poor CME Group
  33. War- base metals up?
  34. Strongest base value?
  35. Copper, Tin, Titanium, & Nickel Bullion
  36. As Chinese Appliance Production Declines, Stockpiles Of Copper Hit A Record Level
  37. CRB Index Breaks above 200-day SMA
  38. Nickles for silver
  39. Precious Metals...
  40. Will Copper hoarding Heat up with P.M. Rise
  41. Metal recycling
  42. Nickel???
  43. does anyone know about uranium mining companies?
  44. apart from gold, silver and uranium, what are good base metal companies to hold?
  45. Copper memorial vs wheat
  46. buying physical copper
  47. Indium
  48. Copper down 34% glitch???
  49. A Copper Bomb?
  50. Copper theft thwarted
  51. The other white metal
  52. Copper/nickel
  53. Canada Pennies and Nickels?
  54. Law regarding melting pennies...
  55. 1960 & Earlier US Nickels 38x FV In Metal?
  56. Can Copper pennies be considered Bullion
  57. Anybody stacking Jefferson Nickels?
  58. VMS Ventures (VMS.V / VMSTF.OTC) - News Drilling in 2013
  59. Copper EFT
  60. Buying Copper Pennies
  61. Metal switch over getting closer?
  62. I think buying copper bullion is going to get good...
  63. Titanium Metal entering the game
  64. Buying Copper rounds in bulk
  65. Copper bullio at spot
  66. $10,000. Most SHTF proof way to invest in oil?
  67. 24k lbs of nickle stolen
  68. A good way to save your pennies.
  69. Canadian penny phased out
  70. Any copper rounds > 1 ounce?
  71. Another reason to stack nickels
  72. more demand for nickel
  73. Pawn Stars old man stacking copper pennies
  74. Just poured these tonight - success!
  75. Expect Much Higher Zinc Prices in 2014 [VIDEO]
  76. Uh Oh, Dr. Copper just got Wacked!
  77. Oversupply of CU Copper?
  78. Does Anyone Know This Year
  79. Copper germ fighter
  80. OPEC will just tighten the taps to keep the price artificially inflated.
  81. What does this mean to me?
  82. Copper/Silver Ratio (CSR?)
  83. Market pullback imminent?
  84. Zinc Pennies
  85. Copper Withdrawal Orders From LME Soar To Record
  86. For all you copper "miners"
  87. METALS-Copper up on Freeport shutdown
  88. Cardamom and Potato futures up on strong spot demand
  89. diamond melee
  90. Peter Schiff - What's the pin that will collapse this new bubble in the US Economy
  91. Buy and Hold investing strategy
  92. Nanotechnology approach replaces platinum in solar cells with 3D graphene
  93. Stupid question about nickels
  94. Copper question...captain, anyone else??
  95. need opinions on this set
  96. Views on Greenland Minerals and Energy
  97. Should i sell or stack my copper.
  98. Need Advice, think I got ripped off.
  99. What the holy hell is the deal with copper rounds!
  100. Huge piece of natural copper
  101. Hard Times Tokens
  102. $100 canadian nickel box search
  103. Brass and Aluminum question
  104. Change Changing?
  105. USD on fire...
  106. scrap iron
  107. Iraq and Iran plot an oil revolution
  108. Heating Oil (Diesel) just got wacked!
  109. Copper more beautiful than Silver?
  110. Is nickel the Canary?
  111. $3.00 copper? WOW!
  112. Last Untested Nickel prospect in Subury Camp (MAPS,OGS)
  113. Nickel Enters Bull Market as Supply Concerns Mount After Crimea
  114. Scrap Metal Tips and Small Talk
  115. VICE Episode on the American Scrapping Industry
  116. Can I trade silver and gold on forex?
  117. Commoditiy Brokers
  118. Copper Going back Up
  119. Palladium reaches $825
  120. Wheat under threat: US drought, Russia and El Nino
  121. Stacking Copper Pennies
  122. Aluminum surges on bauxite supply shortage
  123. Potash war: what’s new?
  124. US gas prices breaking records
  125. Ethanol at six-week low on EIA report
  126. China state copper firm chief jumps to his death
  127. Can anyone identify these markings on this Bronze Cache-pot
  128. War nickels v/s copper pennies
  129. US corn hits 4-year low on crop outlook
  130. IMT.V- Interntational Montoro Resources Inc.
  131. Indonesia metal-ore ban: copper exports to resume in August
  132. Cotton hits 2009 lows as supplies rise
  133. 83 Copper... Captain?
  134. Kodak alleges aluminum pricing conspiracy
  135. A Powerful Opportunity In Uranium?
  136. El Niño 2014 Update
  137. Base metals jus flat lined?
  138. Iron ore global glut deepens
  139. Dramatic rise in Zinc and Nickel prices in 2015
  140. Supply fear drives palladium to 13-year high
  141. Brent under $100 in more than a year
  142. Carmax Mining - Survey Exposes Massive Copper Deposit
  143. Rubber tumbles to 5-year low
  144. US ethylene hits 29-month high
  145. China slowdown impacts commodities
  146. Iron ore sinks below $80 on China slowdow
  147. US Ethanol price down 28% in September
  148. Will Ebola impact Cocoa price?
  149. Chinese steel exerts downward pressure on U.S. prices
  150. Commodities slide to 5-year low
  151. The rise and fall of oil price
  152. Nickel: glut or shortage?
  153. The new oil order
  154. How low can gold go?
  155. Uranium price soars as Japan restarts nuclear reactors
  156. WTI- BRENT spread
  157. Help me understand the XL pipeline, please
  158. I am thinking I may learn how to invest in Uranium
  159. Fed Rate Hikes To Boost Commodities - Royal Energy
  160. Highlights From The Senate's Finding That Banks Manipulate Physical Commodities
  161. Nickel: a metal in transition
  162. Oil: Falling Down
  163. Cotton: governments step in
  164. Iridium!
  165. Iron ore: Apocalypse now?
  166. Lead paints a dark picture
  167. Abandoned phone cables
  168. 1 oz Base Metal Bars
  169. Tinka hugh zinc exposure
  170. Copper’s price plunge and hits lowest in 5-1/2 years
  171. Who moved my cheese? – The Swiss Franc debacle
  172. Oil rout impacts the Canadian economy
  173. WTI at $45: have we reached the bottom yet?
  174. Iron ore price meltdown
  175. The index which mapped the 2008 financial crisis at lowest level since 1986
  176. Lumber is about to crack support
  177. Clad Coins and Nickels
  178. Are you buying copper?
  179. Industrial-grade metals?
  180. Mercury is the most liquid metal
  181. 1943 Steel Pennies
  182. Stacking Precious Metals in the form of E-Scrap
  183. Brass
  184. Quick Question - Pennies
  185. 1LB Titanium bars
  186. New way to bet on oil wipes out billions in investor savings
  187. You know you're a scrapper when.....
  188. Cheapest Way to Ship Copper Pennies?
  189. What can you say about equipment
  190. a question regarding sterling silverware
  191. Copper inventories shifting from LME to SHFE
  192. My thoughts on oil and the lower price.
  193. Is there enough interest to start a melting/forge thread?
  194. Do Markets Care About Copper Anymore?
  195. What are your thoughts on Oil
  196. Jade, jewels and gemstones
  197. Help with identifying metal
  198. Mag
  199. Recovering metal from waste
  200. Stupid expensive copper ingots but they look cool.
  201. Indium metal price per kilo?
  202. Gallium stacking 6 kilos at 218 Usd a kilo
  203. ryedale penny sorter
  204. Three best and worst performing commodities of 2016 and 2017
  205. Funny Idea for value chasing....
  206. Which brokerage can I trade certain futures? Commodities? Please help
  207. I am shocked that e-trade and TDameritrade do not offer uranium futures.
  208. Stacking Copper, Melting Copper into Bars
  209. Metal Bulletin Publications - Buyers required
  210. European platform?
  211. Commodity funds
  212. New way to bet on oil wipes out billions in investor savings
  213. Scrap metal price watch
  214. Iridium
  215. Base metals chart moved?
  216. Zinc rising again. High demand from China and low warehouse inventories.
  217. Rare earths
  218. Lead scavenging
  219. Best source for base metal prices?
  220. Are scrap yards middlemen or melters?
  221. Water is the most important commodity
  222. Interesting article I read this morning about our "hobby"
  223. Stock-piling Nickles
  224. Oil refineries attacked
  225. Nickel mining stocks
  226. Connecting the dots of gold, silver, copper, aluminum price manipulation
  227. anyone else still doing this?
  228. Uranium - what do we think?
  229. Overproduction will see oil drop to <$30 in 2020
  230. Commodities deflation
  231. I wonder how the price of tungsten is doing?
  232. Consensus Metal Forecasts
  233. Aluminium
  234. Water is the most important commodity
  235. 4/lb is possible in 2021
  236. A look ahead at exciting times in 2021
  237. $/
  238. Rubidium
  239. Scrap Metal Forum...
  240. I am in commodities now
  241. This problem is a great opportunity for us
  242. Commodity prices and supply chains
  243. I just made a base metal video...
  244. Propane price
  245. Greenland
  246. don't scrap this copper
  247. Sounds like a good time to invest in natural gas?
  248. Go Metals Go
  249. Investing in oil
  250. Bacon is on FIRE